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Radio Holby - Part 1
Radio Holby - Part 1
Episode Information
Series 29
Airdate 18 October 2014
Producer Lucy Raffety

"Radio Holby - Part 1" was the first of two Casualty webisodes that aired as part of Series 29.

Plot Edit

Noel is given the key to the Holby Hospital Radio studio and drags Louise out her break to help. He is nervous but with some not so friendly encouragement from Louise, he puts the radio back on the air. However, everything doesn't go to plan.

Louise, attempting to help Noel, compiles a list of song requests from the staff and patients. However, the witty requests get to Noel and puts him off of being the hospital's radio DJ.

Though, when Louise shows Noel a serious request on behalf of their fallen colleague, he unintentionally makes a heartfelt announcement on the air. Despite his success, everything ends in a disaster.

Cast Edit

Main Characters

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